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City Council Adopts Padre Boulevard Plan and Form-Based Code!

Form-Based Code made easy – see User Guide to learn how to apply the Form-Based Code.

On September 7, 2011, the City Council of South Padre Island, Texas adopted a redevelopment plan and form based code for the 6-mile commercial corridor along Padre Boulevard, including the island's Entertainment District between the Boulevard and the Laguna Madre Bay. The form-based code completely replaces the existing conventional zoning for the core of the island.

Mayor Bob Pinkerton said of the new master plan and code, "Today will set the course for the Island for the next several generations. The Council is saying to the real estate community, we are open for business if you want to develop a quality project in a way that is attractive and enduring."

Created in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) through the guidance of the Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares created by the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), the form-based code includes a conceptual redesign of Padre Boulevard as a walkable street (Download the Appendix) with parking, bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly intersections. Today, Padre Boulevard functions as a suburban auto-dominated roadway. Driven by the recognition that the current street function is stunting good development, the master plan for the boulevard was crafted through a community process led by the Gateway Planning Team.

The form-based master plan and code includes seven character zones along with distinct architectural and sustainability standards tailored for the barrier island's environmental conditions, market, and a decades-long desire to transform South Padre into an urban destination.



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